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Home Inspection

Heating system observed during home inspection.

Home Inspection Service

Are you looking to buy real estate? If you are searching for property, then you are also looking for professional home inspection services. There are many house inspectors who are certified to help you determine the condition of your property. Buying a home for the first time can be intimidating, even after the inspection is finished. A quality home inspector will make a buyer feel comfortable.

There are many potential problems that a home inspector may find during an inspection. These issues are typically listed in a report. Home electrical systems, for example, may be faulty. Other problems, such as termites or radon gas, can haunt buyers in the future. Inspections are a necessary part of the home buying process, and as a buyer, it helps you maintain high standards for your new home.

Substantial investments require a quality home inspection

When making a substantial investment in a new home, it is best practice to hire a home inspector to check the home for safety prior to purchase. A local home inspection business that is familiar with the area will make it easy for a buyer to learn about potential defects prior to closing. Educated, certified home inspectors will provide tips and answer questions that buyers and sellers may have. Make sure that you receive answers to all of your questions during the home inspection.

Image taken during home inspection shows damaged siding.

Check reviews online

With a quick scan of the search engines, you can see what firms have maintained an honest reputation, and which ones have not. This is the best method of finding a reliable firm quickly and easily. See what others have had to say.

The importance of a home inspection

Most real estate contracts are contingent upon the findings of a home inspectioni>. This is because a comprehensive home inspection report often has findings of interest to clients. Home purchasing decisions and negotiations are frequently affected by reports, which may list mandatory repairs or hazards. For example, if termite damage is found, the buyer may request a credit for the repair. Plumbing is also a common issue that needs inspection. Property maintenance can be neglected, especially on older homes, leaving the buyer on the hook for hefty repairs if not identified by the seller or home inspector.

Even a new construction, which should be fundamentally sound, can exhibit foundation problems, or other major issues. A certified home inspector will use his or her knowledge to reveal issues such as water filtration or a roof that needs repair.

Difference in the quality of home inspections

Home inspector took this picture of the house exterior.

Not every home inspection involves the same amount of work. Businesses that advertise inspection services at a lesser cost often cut corners by using an abbreviated checklist. Ceilings, the basement, and the attic should all be inspected. Failure to inspect areas of the property will certainly result in missed structural or cosmetic problems. The rates of different companies often reflect the time the company expects to spend inspecting the property. This means that a less expensive home inspection may be more costly in the long run.

Whether the inspection is taking place in a residential or commercial area, it is expected that the home inspector review all commonly used areas of the property. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining areas. You should feel confident that the person conducting the inspection has the proper equipment and training to deliver results.

Once the inspection is complete, the home inspection company should deliver a report with its findings. A digital report showcasing pictures of the property is expected. This documentation provides recourse for the buyer to approach the seller with a negotiation. At this point, the current offer on the property may be changed. Agents on both sides of the transaction may be present at the time of the inspection, but have no say in the final contents of the report.

Licensed home inspection

It is important to find a licensed inspector with positive online reviews when making such a significant investment. Building inspectors who are certified by the state will have no problem signing a formal agreement clarifying the terms of the inspection. Specifically, which items in the property are included in the inspection, and which items are outside the scope of the inspection. Often, inspectors will not be able to test all of the appliances in the property.

To check if a home inspection company is verified by the state, ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors, lists all licensed home inspectors on its directory website. If an inspector is not licensed by the board, it is likely because he or she has not completed the necessary training components to accurately identify defects in a home. During home inspection certification programs, important topics such as ethics and building regulations are tested with an examination. A home inspection license is a sort of warranty to the client that the home inspector has completed the proper training and has at least a few years of experience to complete the required task successfully. In a business where education and continuing training are policy, there is little room for error or mistakes. Be especially careful to request a licensed home inspector.

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