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Inspect Commercial Before Reopening

Inspect Commercial Before Reopening

Thanks to pandemic 2021, many property managers, landlords and owners have seen their operations close for the better part of a year. But now, thanks to the ongoing COVID recovery, things are changing, restrictions on commercial activities are relaxing, and the process of business reopening is accelerating.

According to the government, reopening is going to be done in phases, in line with the extent of vaccine delivery. Reopenings will only happen if they do not threaten to overburden the healthcare system. Furthermore, commercial operations will be carried out under a new regime of health and safety practices.

Given that many businesses have been closed for a long time, inspections are critical. Here’s what you need to know.

Preparing Buildings And Rentals For Reopening

Before allowing people to re-enter buildings that have been unoccupied for a long time, owners should inspect all critical features for both safety and performance purposes.

Inspect Critical Infrastructure

Real estate managers need to carry out necessary inspections, including:

  • HVAC
  • Fire systems
  • Lift systems
  • Other mechanical systems in the building

For instance, all air filters should be replaced on HVAC systems after flushing the building. According to official guidance, all inspections, repairs and remediation work should be done before you reopen tenant and building workspaces.

Work With Licensed Service Providers

When inspecting buildings on the commercial market, always work with licensed service providers and contractors. This way, you can ensure that you can deal with any of the issues flagged by the inspectors.

Visually Inspect All Equipment

You’ll want to get professionals to visually inspect all equipment, water and air distribution systems for signs of dust and dirt accumulation, fungal growths, leaks, or insulation damage.

Inspectors should check air systems to ensure that they are free from debris and obstructions. They should also clean and replace any insect screens and ensure that their actuators are operating through the entire range. Bearings should be lubricated and damper seals checked to ensure that they are still working properly.

If chillers and boilers have been turned off, then you may want to inspect for peace of mind. Unfortunately, sitting water can attract living organisms, leading to blooms that may damage your machinery if they interact with moving parts.

Check Water Quality

Before rental 2021 gets underway, you’ll also want to check the water quality. If liquid has been sitting in pipes for many months, it may have picked up contaminants from the surrounding materials. Checking water quality is usually a simple task done with a basic test kit.

Work With The Original Licensed Engineer Of Record

Lastly, you’d like to work with the engineer who originally determined the specifications of your building. Before beginning any work, check with local authorities which inspections you need to carry out before you bring a building, system or component back to operation.

Running through these checks as the commercial market reopens will aid you tremendously. You can get your business back on its feet without putting either your premises, colleagues or customers at risk.


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