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Bergenfield Licensed Home Inspector

Bergenfield Licensed Home Inspector

Are you thinking of buying a new home? Perhaps you’ve got the perfect property in mind, but don’t jump in at the deep end. First, you need to obtain the services of a home inspector to uncover any issues with the property and put you in a stronger position to invest successfully.   

A home inspector saves you money 

Buying a new property is an exciting prospect, but it’s easy to get caught up in this mood and forget about the quality of the property. That’s why you need a home inspector; they will examine aspects of the property that aren’t obvious when viewing the place for the first time. 

 Imagine investing huge sums of money in a property only to discover that the building needs to be rewired a few years later, or worse, the foundations are weak, and the building suffers from subsidence. These are just some of the issues that a home inspector can help prevent. 

A home inspector helps you negotiate 

A licenced home inspector might cost a little extra at first and take a little more time to organize the sale. That said, it’s value for money if they discover some issues with the property that allows you to negotiate the price. This is entirely possible based on the inspector’s report. 

Issues that might allow you to negotiate and get a better price for your new home are structural issues, damage to the roof, walls, or foundation, heating and cooling issues, electrical issues, and plumbing issues. In addition, any discounts you make in the asking price can be reinvested. 

Understand the property’s condition 

Unless you view a property and carry out a home inspection, you won’t get a realistic idea of the property’s condition. For example, a place might look like the dream home in the pictures, but up close, there are all kinds of major and minor issues, such as door frames, and broken glass.

It’s useful to be aware of these issues when you view the property for the first time. But still, the amateur eye is not always enough to identify all the issues. Hire a licensed home inspector to first check the vents, ducts, plumbing, and electrics to understand the property’s condition. 

A home inspection helps with planning 

A home inspection is also advantageous if you’re determined to buy the home despite some of the underlying issues. The home inspection gives you a detailed overview of the infrastructure, the equipment, the wiring, and the plumbing. This information can be used for planning. 

If you know what needs to be updated and replaced, it allows you to prioritize your work and plan appropriately. This can save you money help with project planning making life easier and more convenient. However, without an inspection, you might be in for a few surprises.   

It gives you confidence in your investment 

When you buy a second-hand car, there’s no way to know how long it will last and home much it will cost you in repairs unless you have it serviced at a garage. It’s exactly the same with a home inspection – a home inspection gives you the confidence you need to invest your money. 


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