Why should you choose CHECKMARK PLUS to carry your residential or commercial inspection?

Checkmark Plus is one of the top recognized building inspections company in NJ and NY

What are our credentials/ experience?

Checkmark Plus, has perform thousands of residential and building inspections. Most of the inspections has been performed by Herman Andrade , a mechanical engineer from NJIT

What geographic areas do we cover?

We cover all NJ and part of NY. Contact our company for further details

How quickly we can organize an inspection for you?

Please contact our office. Once your property is out of attorney review, it would be easier to set up the most convenient schedule for all involved parties

How long the inspection takes?

The inspection time varies upon the size and type of the property being inspected.

What is covered in a Pre‐purchase /Pre‐Sale house inspection?

Our pre‐inspection agreement is available and it can be downloaded to provide a better answer. 

How do I pay?

Checkmark Plus accepts payments through our website by using: PayPal, Major Credit Cards, Square phone application, Personal check at the end of the building inspection, company check , or cash at the end of the building inspection and you will get a company payment receipt

Do we provide advice on renovations, extensions, removing walls, home improvement?

Checkmark Plus always recommend you to search for a licensed professional able to provide the correct information and cost on any of the above tasks.