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Inspection for Rental Property

Inspection for Rental Property

As a landlord, it’s vital to understand the condition of your property, correct faults and ensure standards are being upheld. When all’s said and done, those high standards benefit you as a property owner and the tenants living in your property, and that’s why finding the right inspection service is so important.

Here at Checkmark Plus, we offer a range of inspection services, including inspections for rental properties and landlords. To find out more about these inspections and why they matter, keep reading.

Inspecting the Property Ahead of Letting

When you’re going to be letting out a property to a tenant, both you and the tenant will want to have a good and clear idea of the property’s condition before they move in. From the tenant’s point of view, they’ll want any problems that are found to be put right and issues addressed before they go ahead and move in.

For you, it makes sense to fix those problems and ensure your tenant is happy with the condition of the property. This will lead to fewer problems that you’ll have to deal with later on. And it also means that you’ll be taking care of your duties as a landlord.

On top of all that, you’ll also want to have a clear and independently verified depiction of what the condition of the property is like. Doing so will ensure you can compare the state of the property when the tenant moves in to what condition it’s in when they move out. That can have clear implications for issues such as deposits.

Periodic Inspections

As well as having inspections carried out ahead of a new tenant moving in, it also makes sense for periodic inspections to be carried out. And it’s your right to have such inspections carried out as the landlord and owner of the property. Of course, this should be done in accordance with the tenancy agreement and at a time that suits the tenant.

Periodic inspections are useful for a variety of reasons. They allow you as the owner of the property to ensure any problems are noticed and fixed early to prevent them from getting worse. And you’ll also want to make sure that the tenant is following any rules that are in place and is taking care of the property in the way that you expect them to.

If you choose to work with our team here at Checkmark Plus, these kinds of inspections can be taken care of for you without any problems at all. We know how important it is to you to make sure that your property is in good shape and stays that way.

What Does a Rental Property Inspection Look For?

So what are we looking for when we carry out an inspection in your rental property? There are many answers to that question. First and foremost, the inspection can check for signs of damage and to ensure that the general condition of the property is good and up to the standards you’d expect.

The inspection might also look for signs of damp, leaks, mold or other issues that have to be addressed both for the safety of the tenants and the long-term integrity of the property. The condition of the fixtures and fittings will also be checked, as will the condition of the garden if the property has one.

During the inspection, it might also be necessary to check that there aren’t any activities taking place on the premises that are either illegal or are outside the terms of the tenancy agreement that you put in place. As long as the privacy and rights of the tenants are respected, this can be done and is important.

Let Checkmark Plus Take Care of Rental Property Inspections for You

If you’re in the process of letting out your rental property to a tenant, now is the time to put in place plans for inspecting your property, for both now and going forward. By choosing to work with our team here at Checkmark Plus, you’ll be able to rely on trustworthy professionals who can meet your needs while also meeting the needs of tenants.

In order to start the process of working with us and benefitting from our services, all you need to do is get in touch with us today. We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and move forward from there. The number to use if you want to get in touch with Checkmark Plus is (201) 658-8207; you can then speak to Herman Andrade.


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