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Reinspect Your Home Regularly By A Licensed Inspector

Reinspect Your Home Regularly By A Licensed Inspector

Why would you need a reinspection?

Booking an inspection of a property is an important part of the buying process. An inspection will provide you with a detailed report to help you identify any potential issues. This gives the sellers the opportunity to make repairs and put things right so that you’re not left with any unexpected surprises when you get the keys.

After that initial inspection, it’s important to do a follow up. A follow-up can ensure that the agreed repairs and maintenance have been carried out, and make sure the seller hasn’t cut any corners. It will be too late to ‘wait and see’ when you’re entering the home after the sale has been completed. 

Having regular inspections can make sure any works are on track, making sure that your home is in the best possible state before you acquire the property.

Benefits of a reinspection

While you might be on the fence about hiring an inspector to carry out a reinspection, there are several benefits that could help you reconsider, including:

Gives you peace of mind over your investment

Buying a property is one of the biggest purchases you can make. It’s an investment, an asset for your future – which is why it’s important you protect your interests and make sure everything is in order before you sign on the dotted line.

Gives sellers a deadline to work towards

If the seller has agreed to carry out certain works as part of the sale, arranging a reinspection will give them a deadline to work toward. It can be easy for a seller to let things slide, or leave things until the last minute – which can cause problems that were minor to start with to get worse. Informing the seller of a reinspection puts a little pressure on them.

Can identify new issues and concerns since the first inspection

A lot of time can pass between your first inspection and a reinspection. If the buying process is taking longer than expected, you might need several inspections to ensure that no damage has occurred in your future home.

From termite and radon inspections to building inspections, a reinspection can identify new problems to help you make the most informed decision before you complete the sale.

Ensures the agreed fixtures and fittings have remained at the property

When you buy a property, you’ll work out with the buyer what will stay at the property and what the seller will take with them. This can vary from property to property. A reinspection near your completion date will ensure that everything is in order ready for your move.

What will a reinspection look for?

A licensed home inspector will check for several things as part of their report. It won’t take as long as an initial survey, but it can be useful for making sure that nothing has changed and that relevant improvements have been made.

Home inspections check for termites, radon gas, structural defects and other issues that need attention to make your home safe to live in. It can save you a lot of money further down the line, making sure that the seller takes on the costs of repairs, or compensates you for work that needs to be carried out.

Get a quote for your home reinspection

A property inspection provides excellent value when you consider the potential cost involved with multiple home repairs. Home inspectors will provide detailed reports that can give you greater insight into your home so that you know exactly what condition it is in before you buy.

If you’re looking for a home inspection by a licensed inspector in New Jersey and New York, Checkmark Plus can help. We specialize in home inspections, as well as commercial inspections to help our clients make the most informed decisions about their purchase.  

We’re a reliable and experienced company, providing full reports that include photos, and more, providing the best service possible to our clients. Check out our reviews to see what our previous clients have to say. 

Contact us Checkmark Plus today for an estimation to cover your property inspection needs. 


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